Abid Khan : Steel Fixer

Abid Khan was born in a large family on 2045 BS, from parents Khalil Khan and Hasina Khatun in Bankatti, Rampur. Being a part of large family with weak economic condition, Abid had to give up his studies and started… Read More

Khuma Kumari Budhathoki: Hotel Sahayek

Khuma Kumari Budhathoki was born in 2048 in Salyan Kalalekh, in a poor family with 10 members, her childhood was not so good, and she couldn’t get the care and learning environment that she needed as a result she could… Read More

Dabal Kumari: Khaja Nasta Making

Dabal Kumari K.C is busy working hard at her Hotel at Bagchaur Salyan from 5 Am to 10 PM at night. Dabal Kuamri got married to Ishwar K.C on 2058 BS at Kotmaula, Salyan. Her family started facing financial problems… Read More

Raju Rajbanshi: Motorcycle service mechanic

Mr. Raju Rajbanshi, inhabitant of Biratnagar- 15 Pichara was born on 1982AD in a poor janjati family. He has seven members in his family and because of poverty Raju could not continue his education instead he had to work as… Read More

Susitha Chaudhary : Mason

Susitha Chaudhary born on BS 2051 in Dang is working as a Mistry (Mason) after taking three months long Mason Training. After the death of her father she could not continue her education, the whole family was struggling to manage… Read More

Phatte Kumari Jaisi : House Painter

Phatte Kumari Jaisi is a single mother; she lives in Radhapur -2, Jalpokhari, Banke. Two years ago her husband died in Malaysia, life as a widow was very difficult for her as she neither had any jobs nor any skills… Read More