Khuma Kumari Budhathoki was born in 2048 in Salyan Kalalekh, in a poor family with 10 members, her childhood was not so good, and she couldn’t get the care and learning environment that she needed as a result she could not continue her education. As the family’s economic condition was poor she wanted to help and support her family during these times but she was helpless as she was without any job except household work. She came to know about the ‘Hotel Shayek’ training taking place in Shreenagar, Salyan in which she applied and got enrolled.

Khuma Kumari Budhathoki successfully graduated from the three months training conducted by alliance Nepal and started working at Hotel Virat at Kapurkot, Salyan immediately after completing her training.

She works as a cook and sometimes as a waitress in the Hotel, and is earning Rs. 4000/month, the hotel owner provides clothes and extra money during festival like teej and Dashain. Till now she has already sent about Rs. 11000.00 to her home to help her family. The hotel owner is pleased with Khuma’s work and says “Khuma is not just an employee for me, she is like my daughter, she is excellent at her work, very helpful and is supporting me to run my business. She wishes to establish her own hotel after some years of experience.”