Abid Khan was born in a large family on 2045 BS, from parents Khalil Khan and Hasina Khatun in Bankatti, Rampur. Being a part of large family with weak economic condition, Abid had to give up his studies and started working as a construction labor. He recalls those days, when his earning was just Rs. 100/day which was not sufficient to cover his expenditure and support his family. He was also committing to send his younger brother and sisters to school but the challenge was not that easy.

One day a local contractor informed him about the ‘Steel Fixer training’ being organized at his village and advised him that the skill might increase his earning. He took the suggestion and successfully completed the three months training at Bankatti with Alliance Nepal. During the On the Job Training (OJT) the same contractor placed the trainees at various location where Abid earned up to 200/day. After the three months training and the skills he was so confident that he took a contract for three houses in his own village from which he earned Rs. 20,000. He confirms that his Steel Fixer work is fixed in a local bridge construction which may last about 8-10 months on daily wage of 350/day. He is now very proud to be a skillful mistry and support his family, educate his younger brother and sister even though he could not achieve higher education, which he dreamed.