Dabal Kumari K.C is busy working hard at her Hotel at Bagchaur Salyan from 5 Am to 10 PM at night. Dabal Kuamri got married to Ishwar K.C on 2058 BS at Kotmaula, Salyan. Her family started facing financial problems when the expenditure increased after two new members were added in her family; a son and a daughter.

She convinced her husband to participate in the Khaja Nasta Training and managed to get herself into the training being conducted at the village with an aim to start her own Khaja Nasta hotel at Bagchaur.

She established her own Khaja Nasta hotel during the training and during the same time Bagchaur market expanded as bus stands, which was a plus point to set up her Khaja Nasta Hotel. Dhabal Kumari is very happy with her success and says that it wouldn’t have boon possible without the training, she says that she bought a land at Tulsipur worth Rs.90, 000 with her earning and is providing employment to other two women who were trained with her.

“My husband and my family are very proud of me and respect me for being such an entrepreneur like a man” says Dabal Kumari.