Mr. Raju Rajbanshi, inhabitant of Biratnagar- 15 Pichara was born on 1982AD in a poor janjati family. He has seven members in his family and because of poverty Raju could not continue his education instead he had to work as construction labor and in agriculture and with his father Kamal Lal Rajbanshi and used to earn just Rs 250/day. He is very glad that he got an opportunity to attend the three months Motorcycle Service Mechanic Training provided under the financial support of EFS program of Helvitas Nepal.

He states that he had never heard about such training which provides work placement after the training. After completing his training Raju opened a Motorcycle workshop named “Raju Motorcycle Repairing Centre” in Dharan road Biratnagar and is earning Rs. 10000.00 to 15000.00 per month.

“I wanted to help my family improve its economic condition so I tried to find a job but couldn’t get any and this made me realize how important education is, from which I had walked off. I thought if not education I need training and skills to do any kind of work so I was waiting for some help. During these days Alliance Nepal helped me economically, I was given an opportunity to attend a three months motorcycle service mechanic training and I was also able to give skill test from CTEVT and was successful in the test. Hence I would like to heartily Thank Alliance Nepal and Eastern Polytechnic Training Centre for changing my life” says Raju Rajbanshi.