Susitha Chaudhary born on BS 2051 in Dang is working as a Mistry (Mason) after taking three months long Mason Training. After the death of her father she could not continue her education, the whole family was struggling to manage even two meals for the day. Susitha’s elder sister and brother started working on daily wages as labor on agriculture and construction sites.

After susita’s sister’s marriage, her mother also re married to their neighbor, then it was just Susitha and her brother left behind without guardian. Both the brother and sister started to work as construction labor and one day even her brother committed suicide due to depression

After attending the training Sushita now works as an assistant mason (Mistry) and is earning Rs 250 to 300/day. She says that she had saving of Rs.12000.00 and also bought a mobile phone for her. She says “I got my life back with the skill training and even though I had a great tragedy with my family members I am finally moving on with my life and for this I would like to thank Alliance Nepal”