Phatte Kumari Jaisi is a single mother; she lives in Radhapur -2, Jalpokhari, Banke. Two years ago her husband died in Malaysia, life as a widow was very difficult for her as she neither had any jobs nor any skills to start up something. She faced a lot of financial problems and had to depend on her in-laws. She heard about the house painting training being provided through Alliance Nepal and managed to join the training. After getting the training she started working with contractors and was initially earning Rs.150.00 per day, which was increased to Rs. 200.00/day. She worked really hard and her work was appreciated by her contractors as well and increased her wages up to Rs 300/day. Now, she seeks out for contracts herself and has also employed other friends to work.

In average she is earning Rs. 4750.00/month. She is really happy with herself as she is able to earn money and send her daughter to a private school. She expresses her gratitude thanks to Alliance and says “Before I was dependent with my mother in-law and my brother in-law, It was very difficult for me to ask money but now I am independent and can spend my hard earned money anywhere I want”