Alliance Nepal
Alliance Nepal is a consulting firm founded and managed by a team of development professionals working in the national and international arena and has been functional since 1997.

An Institution dedicated to:
  • People – as allies in the process for prosperity
  • Alliance – strategy for development initiatives and resource sharing
  • Sustainable Results – the prime concern of development support

  • A trusted institution with professional ethics for development support.

  • Committed for alliance among the allies-in-development through training, research and consultancies.

  • To provide professional perfection to donors and clients through efficient services ultimately aimed for the poor and disadvantaged people
  • To provide technical and management training for transformation
  • To provide institutional development support to public, private and civil-society institutions
  • To carry out professional action/research works
  • To advocate for refined TEVT systems and implement programs with some model technical institutes
  • To manage socioeconomic development projects and programs
  • To apply appropriate strategies and approaches to uplift and sustain the image of Alliance Nepal