Mr. Mahesh Sharma

  • Mahesh Sharma, Director-Human Resource Development, Development Management Consultant

    M. Sc.-TU; MA Development and Management-UK. He has more than 25 years of experience in programme development and management including policy development in the area of health, HIV/AIDS, community development and so on. Expertise lies in the areas of project design, programme evaluation and assessment; management and institutional review; and contributes in training and facilitation. He has worked as country director for BNMT and as National Programme Manager for UNDP assuming total responsibility of programme and financial management for than US$ one million annual budget. He has also worked as UNAIDS consultant in Bangladesh. Has gained substantial experience while working first with government and later with INGOs (BNMT, SCF/UK, SC/N, SC/US), Bilateral (SNV, SDC) and multilateral agencies (UNDP, UNAIDS, World Bank) as a staff member and lately as a consultant. He has offered intermittent and backstopping support to various organisations during programme implementation.