Dr. Shibesh Chandra Regmi

  • Dr. Shibesh Chandra Regmi, Director, Development/Policy Analyst

    He has over 25 years of experience in the development sector. At present he is working as Regional Associate Vice President for Asia, World Neighbors, since April 2008. Before the present undertaking, he worked as Country Director of Action Aid Nepal (January 2001 to February 2008). He was also the Chair of Association of International NGOs (AIN) in Nepal (January 2005 – February 2008). He has heralded several research projects and studies in various capacities as Project Advisor, Gender Advisor, Gender Specialist, Team Leader, Rural Sociologist, Research Associate, Project Coordinator, Project Associate, Research Coordinator, Study Director, Project Director, Principal Investigator, Monitoring Supervisor, Survey Coordinator, Project Associate, Survey Coordinator and Economist. Experiences in organizing training and workshops come mainly from three sectors, use of participatory approach for planning, implementing, and monitoring and evaluating development projects, and carrying out research; women, gender and development; social mobilization, poverty alleviation, conflict resolution, and other development issues (bonded labour, Dalit, WTO, Farmer’s rights, PRSP etc). He has contributed in various capacities as Resource person, Chief Facilitator, Chief Trainer, Training Coordinator, Workshop Moderator, Co-Facilitator. Has been awarded several fellowships and awards such as the Mahendra Vidya Bhusan, class A; PhD Scholarship the Institute of Irrigation and Development Studies, University of Southampton, UK; Winrock International Scholarship, to study Master of Science in Social Development at the Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines. Has actively prepared, written and contributed many research publications, articles in national and international journals.