Dr. Binod Bhatta

  • Dr. Binod Bhatta, Director-Research: Forestry and Natural Resources Management (F/NRM) Specialist

    He did his Ph. D. (forestry) in Silviculture and Forest Influences with a focus on social forestry and community Development from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos and Masters in Social Forestry. Recently he has been involved in various development project evaluations (projects mainly related to poverty alleviation, inclusive development, empowerment of vulnerable and socially excluded communities, education). He has worked as Project Director for the “National survey on Impact Study on situation of Goitre and Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) and availability of Iodized salt in Nepal”. Dr. Bhatta joined PAARRM (Policy Analysis of Agriculture and Related Resources Management) Program of Winrock International in March 1999 as the Resource management Specialist and continued until August 2005. In this position he had been involved in the Policy analysis of Forestry Sector in general and more specifically in the Policy Analysis of Nepal’s Community Forestry Program. He was also involved in the project on resolving second generation issues (mainly the issue of governance) in NRM users groups. Before this he served as the Program Coordinator and Planning and M+E Coordinator for the GTZ supported Nepal-German Churia Forest Development Project (1996-1999), Head of Natural Forest Silviculture and Management Section at Forest Research and Survey Center of Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (1993-1996) and Training Officer at the Training Division of Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (1984-1993). Besides, he has contributed in several studies as a consultant. He resigned from the HMG’s service in 1996. Dr. Bhatta has been involved in the studies related to silvicultural aspects, policy aspects, institutional aspects and equity aspects of community forestry program in Nepal. He has also been supervising or co-supervising research of a few students pursuing Master of Science and Ph D degrees program in Forestry and Natural Resources Management Program in various Universities.