Binod Shrestha

  • Binod Shrestha : Business Development Coordinator

    Binod Shrestha has 6 years of experience working as a human resource Manager in Europe. Currently he is assign for program development and marketing. He has been involved in strategic and HRD review of Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC), Saanga from 21st April 2013 til 20th June 2013. During the assignment, he was involved in primary data collections, environmental scanning of the institution, interviewing staffs, facilitating workshop etc. Currently he is involved in the Institutional Development (ID) of  Local Development Training Academy (LDTA). He is one of the member of the Consultant team and mandated for assisting consultant on data collections, minuting, gathering up necessary information necessary for the consultation process . Also, Binod is working on updating Operational Manual, Web and marketing materials of the Alliance Nepal. He is one of the initiator on writing proposal for EPSP project (Phase III) for World bank for 2013-2014.

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