• Alliance Nepal has carried out a “National survey on Impact Study on situation of Goitre and Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) and availability of Iodized salt in Nepal” under the support of the Government of India. This was commissioned by Salt Trading Corporation. Intensive research was carried out in 32 districts covering all regions and demographic pattern. Opinions were collected from all over the country (75 districts).
    • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) commissioned Alliance Nepal to carry out rapid appraisal of all 9 districts of far western region to identify skills gaps that is required for the employment within the region or outside. On the basis of the findings a project “Skills Enhancement for Employment (SEEP)” is being conceptualised. The project document is being developed which has a number of innovative approaches for creating direct linkage between skill training and employment for the youth (conflict affected/victims/ex-combatants/poor).
    • Water Aid-Nepal (WAN – an international NGO) has commissioned Alliance Nepal to support NEWAH (Nepal Water for Health – a local NGO) for its institutional development so as to develop their effectiveness and efficiency. It is an on-going assignment of 3 months.
    • Alliance Nepal developed “Monitoring Tools and Guideline” for UNFPA to monitor its supported training programs.