Natural Resource Management (NRM)

  • Alliance Nepal has been implementing various projects/programs in Natural Resource Management (NRM) sector. The project comprises preparation of management plan, preparation of management policy, training, facilitation, research, surveys, etc. on NRM sectors for various national and international organizations working in this sector.

    Some Remarkable Projects/Programs on NRM

    Multi – Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP )
    Preparation of Watershed Management Plan for Churia Region (WMP-CR)
    Support to formulate “ Corridor management Policy “ for Western Terai Landscape Complex Project
    Preparation of District Development Plan through visioning and strategy development workshops for Inclusive development of the economy ( INCLUDE)/GiZ
    Policy analysis related to management , marketing  and export of Medical and Aromatic Plants (MAP) and their products, and Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in Nepal
    End-line Survey of Woman Empowerment for Transformation (SAKCHAM) program
    Design of operational strategy of Water Resource Management Project and Rural Employment and Enterprise Development (REED) program.
    Facilitation in Preparation of Programme Document Of Rastrapati Chure Conservation Programme (RCCP)