• Alliance Nepal  aims  to assist  the  people   of Nepal  to improve   their  health through awareness,  trainings,     organizational  assessment,  evaluation, project   conceptualization   & design,   surveys,   research   and  other  on need realization  of health  issues  through  empowering  disadvantaged  people   to obtain improved   access  to health services   and resources,  by strengthening the capacity  of local health  institutions.

    We  do  acquire excellent   human   resources    plus   good   networking   with highly skilled  experts   to work in health related  projects  and  our prime  focus is   on   community    based     projects    to   achieve   healthy    and   conscious community.   HIV/AIDS been  an area of high priority  while working  with specialized   UN agencies.   Similarly, we have  also intensively  worked  for the health  of male  and  female migrant  workers  in the country  for an UN agency.