Across the Board Expertise (Institutional Niche)


Facilitation focuses on HOW people participate in the process of learning, planning   and taking collective decisions.   It is not only on WHAT gets achieved but more on the process and ownership which leads to further   collaboration   and   success.  We have excellent facilitators working in Nepal and abroad with proven   competence for process-based outputs that are [...]

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Training is a holistic field for Alliance Nepal from conviction and   outreach   perspectives.    Alliance   Nepal   mobilizes   its trainers and resource   persons   to national and international institutions for the support to training package   development, working      as     trainers,      evaluators,      backstoppers      and counsellors.     Thematic    areas    cover    HRD,   ODIS,   NRM, Strategic    and   Periodical   Planning,    Governance,    Climate Change,        Team     Building,      [...]

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Survey and Studies is one of the key portfolios of Alliance Nepal. We have   been conducting    researches,    surveys   and  studies   in various    themes    including    advocacy,     climate    change,     food security   and  nutrition,  gender   enterprises    in the market,  issues related   to  youth  and  children,   Natural  Resource    Management, Women  Empowerment,  Technical  and Vocational  Training and  so on. We [...]

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